About Us

Established in 1990, our company has been locally operated in Bowen and is committed to being a service provider of choice to business owners, developers and clients in our region.

We are a ‘multi-faceted’ engineering company offering an end-to-end production facility with direct access to stock, parts, materials and equipment for the project at hand.

Our goal is to be the ‘supplier of choice’ for all engineering and manufacturing services in our region.

Our Vision

“Excellence in the provision of products and services to every customer.”

Health and Safety and Environment

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

RTM Engineering is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our work team and has an operative internal safety program that is compatible with the majority of our client’s requirements. We acknowledge sound health and safety practices rests with our ability to:

  • control risk
  • maintain employee awareness and diligence
  • ensure systems and processes are maintained and reviewed in a timely manner.

We believe that all injuries, occupational illness and disease are preventable and care for our people will ensure ZERO HARM occurs.

Our Commitment to Environment

RTM Engineering takes its commitment to environmental protection seriously. We operate under strict environmental control measures as defined in our Environmental Management Plan.

  • Carry out all activities that give consideration to the environment and the health and wellbeing of those involved.
  • Provide the most appropriate products and equipment to protect the environment and staff.
  • Review new developments aimed at further reducing environmental impact and improving staff safety.
  • Cooperate with relevant authorities and clients to meet statutory and contractual requirements.
  • Ensure that materials used are stored, applied and disposed of so as they do not cause unacceptable effects on the environment or personnel.

Our Commitment to Quality

RTM Engineering is committed to meeting the needs and expectations of its clients through adherence to its Quality Management System.

Our objective is to provide quality products and services that are delivered on time meet requirements and are fit for purpose.

We achieve our quality objectives by complying with statutory obligations, standards, specifications, and codes of practice relevant to quality management, as well as maintaining an in-house quality system modelled from ISO 9001:2008.

We employ qualified staff to ensure that the workmanship is first-class and strictly built to meet our client’s requirements. We believe each product manufactured is critical to the overall success of a project, irrespective of its individual size or complexity.

RTM Engineering